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wintursoldiur said: Heya :) I'm a bit confuzzled, after Samhain, do you start saying 2013 as opposed to 2012? To me, it kinda makes sense to start saying 2013, but I'm wondering what other people do. Thanks :)

To be honest, I won’t stay saying it’s 2013 until New Years Eve. I think that saying it’s 2013 after Samhain would just confuse the people around you. It’s up to you but I wouldn’t.

pikachu-has-the-tardis said: I just started a page on Facebook called A Peaceful Place for Wiccans. Could You get the word out there?

We would be happy to :)

Everybody check out this page! I’m sure it’s awesome!

Anonymous said: Do you have any info on people who are mismatched w/ their signs? I'm gemini but SO UNLIKE ONE. If anything I'm pisces (it's my rising sign, apparently). My birth month is also June but I hate summer, love cold weather. Is there a term for this dissonance so I can research it better?

I’m really sorry but this answer isn’t going to be the most helpful. :(

Astrological signs aren’t a blueprint for a persons personality. It’s impossible for everyone in July to be shy and sensitive. I find that there are a lot of instances that parts of a personality correlate with signs but it doesn’t have to.

If you’re more like one sign than the sign you were born under, then you’re like that sign. I don’t know if there is an actual term for it [sorry, I’m on my phone :( ] but if there is I’m sure books about astrology would have sections about it. Or the internet.

I’m really sorry that this isn’t helpful in the least but I’m not that knowledgeable about astrology. :(


starlight-and-dewdr0ps said: Hi! Can you please help me to understand the concept of deity in detail, as an atheist.

Ah, atheism. I used to be one until I realized that I’ve always kind of been into paganism.

A deity, in simplest terms, is a higher power. But I’m sure you want a more personal definition.

In Paganism, the God and Goddess are within you and around you in nature. Instead of the Christian God looking down from heaven, our God and Goddess walks with us. Not really guiding us to do things or not do things but being there when we feel down or alone.

When i typed that it sounds like an imaginary friend which is what most atheists think about Gods.

Our God/dess is one with us. It gives us strength and confidence.

I don’t think I’m explaining it the way i want to but I truly hope I’ve explained it enough for you to answer the question.


Anonymous said: I guess I wasn't clear, the crystals thing was just an example. I don't sense energies or vibes from nature or anything either. If I can't sense energies, I don't know if I can be a witch.

Oh, sorry about that. I was probably being dense and not realized it.

I still don’t think it’ll matter. I dont feel vibrations with most things. To be honest it takes either a ritual or something really special to get me to feel something. It won’t hinder your ability to become pagan.


Anonymous said: I was considering buying some blended herbs for protection and I was wondering if I could simply put them in a pouch and carry them around with me as opposed to using them in a ritual (which was a suggestion of use from where i was going to buy them)

You know, I’m not really sure about this question. I would think that you would be fine carrying them in a pouch because people create blends to stick under their pillows. I don’t see why carrying them around is any different. As long as the herbs create the right purpose you were going for (protection, luck, etc.) I think you’ll be good.

- WD

Hello fellow Newbies

This blog has been in a coma for awhile. Lets bring it out of it. Lets start a discussion.

How did your first ritual go?

Were you scared that you were going to do it wrong?

Do you think a person has to be naked to do a ritual correctly or will special clothing work just as well?

Taking that a step further, do you think that it makes a difference if the person is in street clothing?

Was there any specific reason why your first ritual was memorable?

Or have you not done a ritual yet? Any specific reason why?

Let’s see how many people we can get discussing this :) I’ll add my answers to the questions later on.


Oh and another one. What do you want to see on this blog? What kind of this do you us to post about?

Anonymous said: Hello! So I recently became interested in Paganism (particularly Wicca) I love the idea of a nature based religion. I only know the VERY basics of Wicca, and I'd like to get some books to research further, but if I cant go to my local pagan supply store within the next couple days I might have to wait a few weeks to visit and buy some books. Can you recommend any websites or .pdf's that explain and teach Wicca fundamentals? Thank you!!

Crap. This is really old, I know. I’m sorry it’s taken forever to answer you :(

I’ve never bought a book about paganism. To be honest I downloaded a pdf of a few Scott Cunningham’s books. I just googled it to find it :/ 

You can learn a lot from just googling the topic but I would be careful about what sites. I guess school has drilled into me about being wary of information unless they have decent sources. 

The site I used is currently down but if you could find a pdf of Wicca:A guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham that would be where I would suggest you start. It’s great. It has the basics and well as the history and a book of shadows. 

I’m sorry this is so late and it’s not very helpful :(


Anonymous said: I've been interested in pagany/witchy things for a long time, and many aspects of it seem to be what I want. But.. I've never felt/sensed/etc vibrations of any sort. I've handled crystals but never felt anything like I see people talking about. They just feel like pretty rocks. I don't sense energies in any way. I don't know if I even can. Does this mean I can't do witchy things, since working with vibrations/energies is kind of a key thing?

I don’t think that it will hinder your ability to do witchy things. Using crystals isnt a requirement. Hell, you don’t have to use anything at all. You could probably just sit on some grass and do it that way. Unlike other religions, Paganism doesn’t require you to do certain things to worship correctly. Christians go to church and eat Chick-fil-a. Jewish people go to a synagogue and don’t eat pork.  (Lets make it very clear, I’m not trashing on any religion. I don’t think those comments could be seen as offensive but I have to cover my ass.)

Paganism is about nature and the energies stemming from the natural elements. You don’t have to feel any buzz from stones to be a Pagan. Sometimes a pretty rock is just a pretty rock ;) Continue on your journey to becoming pagany/witchy :)


Hey guys!

Well…this blog has certainly been forgotten. I’m here to change that. 

There are three of us running Newbies (as I’m sure you’ve figured out, we sign everything) and I cannot speak for my two companions but I for one have missed this blog so much. Life got crazy but I’m back! I’ll be catching up on answering questions, I’ll be reblogging tons of useful information, posting some questions to get all of you thinking and discussing, and I promise that if I can’t get on here for a day or two the queue will be full about posting.

So if you have any questions let me know!